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Liquid Phase Carbon Media

liquid phase carbon

Riley Equipment carries a complete line of activated carbon media, in a variety of mesh sizes for most liquid phase application. This type of activated carbon is typically made from coal or coconut shell, and is used for environmental remediation applications and removal of solvents or chemicals by adsorption.

Coconut based media is widely used for surface water treatment and provides excellent performance for contaminants and offers a broad range of concentrations. Coconut filter media offers a higher capacity to adsorb small molecular compounds and provides a natural renewable source for activated carbon. Coal based activated carbon is more suited for the liquid filtration of oils and other liquids. Smaller mesh sizes are suitable for units with lower flow rates, while larger mesh sizes offer better pressure drop characteristics.

Base MaterialMesh SizeBest UsesPDFProduct Image
Virgin Granular Activated Carbon (VGAC) 8x30 Purify Various Liquids Spec Sheet  
Virgin Granular Activated Carbon (VGAC) 12x40 Purify Various Liquids Spec Sheet
Virgin Granular Activated Coconut Carbon (VGACC) 8x30 Purify Drinking Water Spec Sheet  
Virgin Granular Activated Coconut Carbon (VGACC) 12x40 Purify Drinking Water Spec Sheet
Bayoxide E33   Purify Drinking Water Spec Sheet  

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Virgin Activated Carbon

We will help you determine which media is right for your liquid treatment application, bulk orders available. If you are looking for filter equipment, maintenance, and carbon change out services, we can help with that too! Call us today at 800-593-2443 for more information on our liquid phase activated carbon media.

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NASA JSC, designed and built orbital air cabin cleaner in conjunction with ILC Space Systems and NASA, these units have been used on every shuttle flight since 1988.

Several articles published in “Advances in Filtration and Separation Technology” and “Fluid/Particle Separation Journal”.
Chemical Air Protection From Corrosive Atmospheres
Some Common Emissions of Natural and Industrial Processes

Presented four papers to American Filtration Society International Conferences.

Sold Chevron, Pascagoula, MS pollution control equipment totaling $240,000.

Sold Texas Instruments a 40,000 CFM hydrofluoric acid gas scrubber totaling $750,000.

Sold China Oil, Taiwan over $300,000 for pollution control equipment.

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